Listed below are 7 reasons to advertise on Facebook, with detailed information on our top 4. Facebook ads offer many benefits to businesses, particularly in the B2C sector. Whether you’re looking to run a prospecting campaign to find new customers, grow brand awareness in a new location, or remarket to previous website visitors, then Facebook is the platform for you!

  1. In depth user targeting
  2. It’s fast – get ads running in hours
  3. Builds brand awareness
  4. Builds Engagement
  5. Ready to compete
  6. Budget Friendly
  7. Drives repeat business

In depth user targeting

Facebook has targeting options for Age, Location, Gender, Interests, Behaviour and more. All of this can be used to target your adverts to those that are most likely to engage with your them, and therefore increase their effectiveness.

The longer your ads are running, the more data you will acquire – it helps if you link Google Analytics as part of your tracking setup! For tracking visitors to your website from Facebook, and to tell Facebook who has visited your site previously for remarketing, you will need to install a conversion Pixel – we will create a future with more information on this.

Once your tracking and campaign has been configured, you can begin collecting this valuable audience data, to further enhance your online marketing efforts and maximise the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

With billions of users on Facebook, and most of those checking the app at least twice per day, you are left with a huge amount of choice in specifying who you want to advertise to.

It’s fast

You can start today and be reaching thousands of customers with your adverts, so if your need to advertise is time sensitive, Facebook ads may be your best choice in moving forwards quickly.

Builds Engagement

When you are strongly connected to your target audience, you can expect more sales ad interaction. Facebook allows you to build this with likes, comments, shares and even the ability to recognise those that stand out as top fans. You can give top fans the recognition they deserve and encourage them to continue to stay engaged with your brand and share your adverts.

Whilst the advertising is on-going, it is important to keep up with your organic social media management, so users engaging with your brand can see you are continually updating your page – this helps with growing brand awareness and engagement with your newly acquired audience.

Ready to compete

Chances are, at least one of your competitors are using Facebook ads. If you’re not quick to act, you could be left behind in effectively taking advantage of the new markets offered by Facebook. That being said, if none of your competition are utilising Facebook advertising, then this is a golden opportunity for you to stand out with no one else competing for the space!