Something that hasn’t crossed many businesses minds is advertising on LinkedIn. There are many different advert placements and objectives to choose, such as adverts within the news feed that link to a lead collection form and sponsored In-Mail that lands directly in a user’s inbox.

If you don’t think it’s suitable for your business, then give this a read and see if we can change your mind!


There are roughly 380 million professionals on LinkedIn and by running ads you can target any one of them through several demographics.

Just two of these are job title and industry. For example, by looking at your current customer base you may be able to identify a trend in job titles, with this information you can set your ads to only show for people with the most relevant job titles in your target industry. This makes for extremely cost-effective advertising with very little wastage and irrelevant traffic.


The biggest benefit of LinkedIn ads, as opposed to other social media channels, is that you reach a very professional audience. More often than not, you will find users on LinkedIn are older, on higher incomes and more educated.

Depending on what kind of product or service you offer, you may be able to use the above-mentioned demographics to your advantage, whether you’re looking for decision makers or high-income earners, you can target them with laser precision.

Lead Nurturing

As with most social media advertising, the goal is to both raise awareness and generate leads. LinkedIn has an edge in this area as once you’ve collected your lead, you can utilise a “lead accelerator” – allowing you to remarket to users that have engaged with your adverts.

This helps keep your brand in front of the people who have expressed an initial interest, in an effort to keep them on the road to becoming a customer.


LinkedIn also offers a very specific featured known as sponsored In-Mail, which allows you to send a message directly to your target audience within LinkedIn. This advertising placement can be used to promote a service/product, encourage engagement, offer relevant information/documentation or subscription services. LinkedIn will also prevent you from wasting your valuable In-Mails, by preventing them from sending to any users they consider to be inactive.

Keep an eye out for future articles that detail how to get started with LinkedIn ads, along with the latest updates and new features.