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About This Service

Many agencies have a set strategy that is applied across all clients, however at Premier Digital Marketing we believe in a more personal, bespoke approach. Our paid media team will create a strategy that is just for you and your business, in order to maximise your ROI.

Our paid media experts are able to create and manage campaigns with great efficiency, to ensure you achieve your online goals and stay within budget. We manage PPC across many platforms, from Google Adwords to social media channels, so whatever your target audience and budget, we can tailor a strategy to get your business noticed.

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Account Build

The first stage of a new PPC strategy is building the campaign. Our team will work closely with you, to either review your existing paid media account and campaigns, or create a new one from the ground up.

Ad Creation

PPC is not just about creating one ad and letting it run its course. At Premier Digital Marketing we will help develop a campaign with several ads, which will be tested against each other to ensure you achieve the best ROI possible.

Social Media

Also covered under our Premier Social service, we offer solutions across all popular social media channels to manage and create PPC campaigns. If you are unsure which social channels to use, we will do the research and come up with a solution that fits your business model, making sure you see the best results.


Comprehensive tracking has many benefits to your PPC campaign, not only does it let us report on where your leads are coming from, it also allows you to see how successful we have been in achieving results. For AdWords campaigns, we combine the use of Google Analytics with our website tracking, to see exactly where your visitor went after clicking your ad and when they left.

Keyword Research

Focussing on the correct keywords is essential to the success of any paid media campaign. At Premier Digital Marketing, we use our tools to analyse thousands of keywords and narrow them down to the most relevant, so you can achieve the best ROI.


We will provide, comprehensive, transparent and easy to follow monthly reports so you can review the success of your PPC campaign. As the campaign progresses, the reports will also illustrate potential areas of growth and the strategy can be altered accordingly.

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