The benefits of using Google Ads are plentiful, here are our top 6 reasons why you should be using them…

  1. Show Ads to people who are directly searching for your product.
  2. You can very accurately target specific searches, allowing you to focus on the most valuable audiences.
  3. If a customer has been on your site, but left without completing their journey, you can retarget them.
  4. Measurable results.
  5. Budgets are fully scalable and adaptable.
  6. Fast results when compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In This article we will dig a bit deeper into three of the above benefits, so you can understand further how Google Ads can improve your digital strategy and bring business growth – keep an eye out for our future articles, where we will delve into the remaining three!

Show ads to people who are directly searching for your product

When targeted correctly, you can be showing your product to someone that has literally just searched your product or service.

For example, you want some mustard cushions to finish off the décor in your living room, so you type into google exactly that, then at the top of the google results is an ad featuring the product you’re looking for.

This immediately puts a customer face to face with your product or service, at the crucial time they are looking to buy it.

Fast Results when compared to SEO

No matter the size of your business, you want to rank as high as possible within Google search results – the famous saying goes “page 2 of Google is the safest place to hide your biggest secrets”.

Depending on the size of your business, or how long you have been around, you may find you’re competing with companies that have invested heavily in SEO and are dominating page one, making it feel like an impossible goal.

Google Ads allow you to immediately overcome this obstacle, as if your willing to pay for that top advertising space on Google, you can do exactly that. The best part is, once you’ve started to collect keyword data from your Google Ad campaign, you can then re-use it within your SEO strategy. By this point, you’ll know which keywords drive the most traffic and which lead to the most conversions, which offers a logical solution to focus your SEO efforts on these terms to boost your organic results.

Measurable Results

When using Google Ads, you can combine them with a Google Analytics, allowing you to see everything that happens throughout the customer journey, such as; how far a potential customer gets before exiting the sales funnel, or trends in activity before customers leave your site. This can help identify any pitfalls on your website that you may have not be aware of. You can also dig into the granular data, to find out which keywords are bringing you the best results. At this point you can increase spend on the terms that offer the best ROI and decrease spend on less effective ones. Everything is adaptable, and the more data you build up, the better you can make your Google Ads campaign.